About Us

Professional Rocks Stars Inc presently provides Publicity and Advisory services. These services consist of
traditional.social,and experimental media campaigns. Our goal is to achieve the influence behind crowds
and build your brand legacy!

Our Campaigns are based on building a brand reputation initiative enabling our immediate Growth-
minded Exposure effect services: Meaning that the more your reach by impressions are exposed to your
brand, the more you & they like it!.


Corey J. Tronchin has been influencing his friends and peers throughout his life to make this world a
better place and living by the mottos, To “Make this world a better place” and “Music is the Drug! For
the past 14 years

Corey has been aiming to bring a vast array of practical and experimental rich media content and
resources to engage younger generations through a wide range of, Integrated media vehicles to provide
collective brand identity and awareness to achieve a brand’s legacy.

Corey created Professional Rockstars in 2005 ,he also was one of the founder of the DirtyStayout Social
Community and in 2008 became the Executive Head of content for Tristit Group

As Founder of the Professional Rockstars Network, he is also widely worldwide recognized for his
influential events for the Music, Fashion, and many Charities (NextAid, AVEDA, African Children’s choir)
to make humankind better then good. He has produced over 300 video documentaries and interviews of
many of the elite Music conferences and festivals throughout the global world.

In addition, to being called a “Rockstar” of his generation Professional Rockstars was was featured
as article “Painless Podcasting by PC MAGAZINE. His Clients and project partners have included PC
Magazine, Pacha, Custo Barcelona, Loreal, Global Gathering, Exit Festival, Joomla, Exit Festival, Crobar,
Ultra Festival, Defected Records, Atlantic Records, Dance Valley, Intec Records, Kelly Rowland, The
Prodigy, Gza, Grandmaster Flash, Scissor Sisters, Epitaph Records, LoveFest, Bread & Butter, Nolcha
Fashion Week, Tikki Beach, Youtube, Imeem, and so many more. At the age of thirty, Professional Rock
Stars, Inc has been seen by over a 100 million people worldwide. Today he remains totally dedicated to
helping his generation build powerful relationships, live a better then good life and maximize the level of
success and meaning in all lives.