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Specializing in working with international clients, Professional Rock Stars, Inc understands international markets and international client needs.

Services include:
US & International PR across print, radio, TV and online

1. Brand Reputation Audit

A full brand reputation audit and mapping, using the latest tracking tools to evaluate where a talent’s current standing, reputation and profile is.

2. Issuing Brand Identification

Analysis of audit’s results to reveal the main issues. Identifies successes and failures of current communication/publicity/profile, persistent problems, suggested areas of improvement, and potential growth gains, maximizing future ROI on media campaigns and press.

3. Strategic  Brand Solutions

Implementation of global brand reputation iniative  to fix all of the identified issues. Increases fan connectivity, impressions, conversations, and reach online through bespoke and strategic editorial content, , radio, video , and communication written by Professional Rock Stars, Inc, one of electronic music’s most known and respected brands.

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